She's getting fucked hard in the ass

Ass fucking or anal porn isn’t for everyone. Not surprisingly, there are many more men interested in this sexual act than there are women for a lot of reasons. But I think the biggest reason women tend to do it is because they know about all of the surprising benefits.

Keeps your immune system in great shape

Sex in general is fantastic for your health. It boosts your immune system by keeping you in shape, because of the exercise involved, and introduces your antibodies to all sorts of different things it can ramp up and keep in check.

Is really pleasurable for the women

The anus has an enormous amount of nerve endings, both surrounding it and directly within it. This means that, even though women aren’t being physically pleasured through their vagina, it’s still really pleasing for them. It’s also really pleasurable, because the G-spot can still be reached when men enter and push against the vaginal wall as if to say click here. So really, women can have orgasms through anal penetration, alone.

Increases intimacy between partners

There is a significant amount of trust that has to be in place before anal sex can happen. Many women are nervous, insecure, and have issues accepting anal sex, due to the physical requirements and reputation it seems to have. Not only that, but it also creates a closeness, because both partners are getting their needs met. If the man wants to experiment with anal sex and the woman complies, he feels closer to her, knowing she is doing something for his pleasure.

Semen benefits

Semen plasma has a ridiculous amount of benefits to it. When a man finishes inside a woman, it can affect her in a lot of ways. Usually, this happens through the vagina. However, newer research has shown that semen exuded in the anus has the same effects.

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