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For a definition without Wikipedia, a slag woman is a woman who has her period. But on sexy site rating, this slag is equivalent to a fountain woman.

What is a slag woman on our sexy website?

We are the only master of our body, and it is for this reason that no one except us even know that we are a fountain woman. The fountain woman gets excited as quickly, she ejaculates a jet of orgasm to wet the sheets. If, during a sexual relationship, we discover an abundant orgasm for women, that does not mean that she is a woman fountain, but she just let go. In fact, a woman fountain is the one that every time she makes love, she ejaculates and sometimes, it upsets men even if it feels no urine. It’s true that the men who manage to make his wife ejaculate deserve a big bravo, but there are women who get excited very early and break the mood.

Slag women in live

These women cannot hold her orgasms, and she leaves him unchecked. Yes, it is both a psychological problem that perineum. Here on sexybox this abundant fella is very famous since it does, not only wet his sheet, but the pants of his viewers too. Logically when we are slogged, we have the chest well rounded and men love to watch our breasts. We are a little orgy also, and we like to play our pussy. But we also know that we do not even need to lower our panties to wet guys. We are really the magician of sperm, and we love to do things not too correct. We also like to be fucked and drink our peeing juice with some excrement that offers us the desire to swallow everything without losing a taste of sperm.

We like to do things our way and even if we have our menstruation, it does not prevent us from being penetrated.

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