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When everything was put in place, they began to undress gently. First, the t-shirts and they go down gently towards the minishorts while kissing. All wear strings. That of Jennyfer is red and the string enters perfectly in her ass. Carole, meanwhile, put a yellow thong with a bra that just hides her nipple. They were adorable and the guy starts to get his cock to be able to masturbate. They caress their breasts while casting perverse glances at their interlocutors. Carole sucked Jennyfer's pussy while feeling her own. Jennyfer enjoys it because she likes it. They take the dildo and fuck one by one with doggy positions as well as others who are all exciting. The screams accompany their gestures perfectly and the guy rubs the penis harder and stronger while admiring these two drags. In the end, he lets go free his cum in full screen. 

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